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MicroR Watch via SKY

MICROR WATCH is a mobile smart phone android application, it works like a camera monitor.

It is easy to use this mobile application. You just neet to open the apk and turn the mobile phone camera towards to the direction you want to monitor.

You can find and download MICROR WATCH in Google Play. it will be published soon..


MICROR WATCH will capture the image every 5 seconds, and then upload the image to the server, you can use another mobile phone to view the image from remote site.
Several parameters of MICROR WATCH can be set, such as the intervals of upload or download, image quality, private or share your image to public:

MICROR WATCH is an easy-to-use android application makes you view images from remote site via internet, transmitted via wifi or mobile network.

If you have any problem about the APK application, please send email to microrwatch[*]qq.com(please replace [*] with @). Thank You!

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